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Are you a makeup artist who has had clients who cannot use glue on false lashes?


Whether it is because of an allergy to lash glue, or that they are simply unable to apply glue on lashes themselves, this can be slightly problematic for makeup artists.


Many MUA’s are using our magnetic lashes on their clients as an alternative to lash glue, and they love them!


To enquire into purchasing magnetic eyelashes for professional purposes, please pop us a message, or email:


Before ordering you will need to prove that you are a professional and active makeup artist.

How magnetic eyelashes work.

Unlike glue on lashes, magnetic eyelashes have two strips of lashes per eye, not one. Each strip comes with teeny tiny magnets already attached. 


Pop the top row on top the upper lashes. 

Place the other row below the upper lashes. 

The magnets will ping together around the natural lashes.



Our magnetic false lashes are;

  • A bespoke design

  • Multi-use

  • Gentle on natural lashes

  • Cruelty-free


And most importantly, glue free!