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Chic - triple magnet

£12.99 Regular Price
£6.50Sale Price

Enhance your look with no glue, easier-than-ever to apply falsies.


With our triple magnet lashes, you receive 3 individual lower pieces, making these the easiest magnetic eyelashes to apply.

  • What you get

    1 Full row of upper lashes + 3 individual pieces all with pre-affixed magnets

    Storage box

  • Benefits

    Multi use

    No glue

    Chemical free

    Cruelty free

    Easy application and gentle removal

  • How to apply

    1. Apply your makeup as normal.
    2. If needed, cut the width of the full lash strips down if they are too wide, but do not cut off any of the magnets.
    3. Pop the full row of lashes on top of your upper lashes with the shortest lashes near the inner corner of your eye. Steady in place with your non-dominant hand.
    4. Start with the inner corner single magnet piece (the one with the shortest lashes). Hold the end of the lashes and bring it in, magnet end first, to the underside of your upper lashes to meet and clip on to the magnet above. Your natural lashes will be sandwiched between the two magnets.
    5. Repeat for the other two single magnets, then with the other eye.