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Magnetic eyelashes look as incredible as glue on lashes, but they are very different to apply, thankfully for us!


Unlike the glue on versions that use one stip of lashes, magnetic eyelashes have lash stips/sections that attach to the upper and underside of your top row of lashes.

Each piece has tiny pre-attached magnets. These pieces sandwich together around your natural lashes. Not a blob of glue in sight!


Before you start

  • Apply your makeup fully, including mascara.

  • Remove the lashes from the packaging and separate the top and bottom strips/pieces from each other. This will give you one upper strip plus either 1 lower strip (double magnet lashes) or three lower lash pieces (triple lashes).


  1. Apply your makeup as normal.

  2. If needed, cut the width of the full lash strips down if they are too wide, but do not cut off any of the magnets.

  3. Pop one of the full rows of lashes on top of your upper lashes with the shortest lashes near the inner corner of your eye. Steady in place with your non-dominant hand.

  4. Start with the inner corner single magnet piece (the one with the shortest lashes). Hold the end of the lashes and bring it in, magnet end first, to the underside of your upper lashes to meet and clip on to the magnet above. Your natural lashes will be sandwiched between the two magnets.

  5. Repeat for the other two single magnets, then with the other eye.


Route 1

1.  Pop the top row (the row with the magnets on the bottom of the lashes) on top of your upper lashes. They should balance here in place.


2. Place the other row (the one with the magnets on top of the lashes) below your upper lashes. The magnets will ping together around your natural lashes.​

Route 2

1. Chop the bottom row of lashes either side of the magnets to create two smaller pieces. This way you can place them one magnet at a time. (Check out the video for more details).


2. Balance the top row of lashes on your natural lashes. Steady with your non-dominant hand if needed.

3. Take one of the newly chopped lower pieces holding them at the end of the lash. Place the magnet underneath your natural lashes to meet the magnet on the lashes above.

Some extra tips :

  • If the lashes are sitting too straight you may want to give them a little bend so they match the curve of your eye better. (See video.)

  • You can also slide the lashes a little left and right to get them in the perfect spot

  • We have designed the lashes so that you can customise them a little yourself if needed. You can trim them down so the strips are not as wide if they are a little big for your eyes.


Once you have mastered the look, make sure you share your photos with us! #MagneticEyes


If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to pop us a message.