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About Magnetic Eyes Lashes

“Glue on eyelashes have never been a skill of mine.


For a friend’s wedding, I decided to make a bit more effort than usual. After spending ages on trying to make my eye makeup look decent, I made the decision to try and glue on some lashes. A decision that was a big mistake.


Frustration, panic, sweating all followed. One lash went on ok, eventually, the other didn’t want to know.


I gave up and had ruined my makeup in the process. So why bother trying?


Because false lashes can make you feel really great. Especially for a special occasion!

A few weeks later I heard about magnetic eyelashes. How had I not heard about these before?


I tried out some terrible versions, they really were crap. I've read some very negative reviews.


This was such a great idea that I wanted to not only get some made that looked fantastic on me, but to tell everyone about it so more people could wear fake lashes without having to use the glue.


I started working with a great supplier, going back and forth to make the best lashes we could.


So, here they are! Magnetic Eyes . These lashes have been designed to not only look great but to fit well too. We have even positioned the magnets so that you can safely cut the lashes down if they are a little too wide for you.



If you have any questions or need any assistance with your lashes, just get in touch. I am proof you too can wear false lashes!” – Michelle, owner.